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Real Estate, Business, and Construction Law

Where Practical Experience Meets Legal Acumen

Leveraging my hands-on expertise in real estate and construction, I specialize in various related legal aspects, including:

  • Asset Purchase Agreements
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Construction Law
  • Property Disputes

Should you find yourself in a property dispute or simply in need of transactional assistance, give me a call to discuss.

Business Formation and Management

Skillfully Navigate the Complexities of Business Ownership

As a fellow business owner, I am intimately familiar with the daily challenges that accompany entrepreneurial ventures. I offer a broad array of services to facilitate:

  • Entity Formation and Management
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Operating Agreements
  • Corporate Resolutions and Dissolutions

If you are contemplating starting a new business, I can offer experienced guidance.


A Holistic Approach Beyond Mere Victories

In the sphere of litigation, my objectives go well beyond mere success in court. I strive to:

  • Educate you regarding the legal process
  • Conduct a candid assessment of potential costs and benefits
  • Offer an honest evaluation of your case’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Maintain open lines of communication throughout the proceedings
  • Devote the requisite time, care, and attention your case warrants

If you have a matter that you believe necessitates litigation, I would be happy to help you evaluate your options.

Estate Planning

Safeguard Your Family’s Future Today

Estate planning transcends mere documentation; it is an investment in the future security of your family. Should you be interested in establishing a will or trust, please consider scheduling a consultation.

Contract and Dispute Resolution

Vigilantly Safeguarding Your Interests

Although contracts do not need to be overly complex to be enforceable, they nonetheless need to be drafted with sufficient detail and clarity so that the obligations and expectations of each party are understood. And whether you have a well-drafted contract or a handshake agreement, disputes can arise. I provide a comprehensive suite of contract-related services including drafting, interpretation, dispute resolution, and litigation. Should you encounter a need for contract-related services, give me a call to schedule a consultation.

Contracts can be complex and pose hidden risks for “do‐it‐yourselfers”.

Traffic Citations

Reliable Expertise Rooted in Years of Experience

With over a decade of experience, I have fostered the right relationships and gained the expertise to handle a variety of traffic and municipal criminal charges.

Probate and Estate Administration/Litigation

If someone dies leaving property titled in their personal name, a probate proceeding is required in order to transfer ownership to his/her heirs. The probate process varies greatly depending on the property involved, the heirs, the testamentary plan (or lack thereof), and the circumstances related to the execution of the operative documents. Whether you simply need help filing the proper papers to transfer ownership of property, or you need to assert claims of fraud, undue influence, or breach of fiduciary duty against a family member who has taken unlawful advantage of the circumstances, give me a call to discuss your options.
Personal Injury
Consumer Claims / Debt Settlement
Landlord Tenant
Registered Agent Services

About Me

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A Distinctive Path to Legal Practice with a Dedication to Community Well‐Being

My journey into the realm of law is far from conventional. I commenced my legal career in my mid‐30s, motivated by an intrinsic zeal for problem‐solving and an unwavering devotion to my community. Initially based in Lone Jack and later extending my services to Blue Springs, I have joined forces with my esteemed mentor and partner, Ken Garten, to enhance the quality and scope of our legal offerings. Should you require a consultation, I am available to assist you immediately.

Employee of the Year

Experience You Can Trust

Brando Carney graduated from law school at University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Law with a juris doctor degree in 2012. He provides a diverse range of customized legal services from estate planning to the resolution of traffic citations.


Selected to Rising Stars in 2022


Recognized as a Super Lawyer in 2022

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